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Signs of Hope

Grief can feel unending, like we’ve entered a dark tunnel which doesn’t have a light at its end. Grief can weigh us down, isolate us, make us clinically depressed and feel that we’re going mad. It can feel like a punishment, a life sentence. Bereavement, grief: they knock us off our feet.


If you connect with any this and if you’re desperate to stop feeling burdened and hopeless with your bereavement, then I’d like to invite you to join Signs of Hope: an online Bereavement Support Group starting at the end of January.


What are the benefits of joining my Bereavement Support Group?



  • Telling your story and being heard without judgement. After a time bereaved people can feel shut down and shut in with their loss when family members and close friends stop listening or feel unable to listen to them
  • Emotional support in a safe setting. Perhaps for the first time you’ll feel able to share the deep effects of your loss knowing that others will understand
  • Practical and emotional resources each week to help you along your grief journey.  You won’t go away empty handed!
  • Gaining insight into how grief affects you. Grief affects each of us differently.  You’ll learn and understand more about the emotional, psychological and physical effects of grief, how they affect you personally, and how to deal with them.
  • Travelling with others on the grief road. Being part of a community of other bereaved people.
  • Growing in hope and trust that “it’s possible to live as well as to grieve” (attributed to Lucy Hone, author of ‘Resilient Grief’) and that there is life after loss.




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Where will we meet?

On Zoom, a secure online platform


How often will we meet?

We’ll meet for 2 hours each week, over 8 weeks. As the Group will be a regular weekly commitment it won’t be possible to drop into and out of the Group.


How big will the Group be?

The Group is designed to be small with room for 8 people. A small group will reduce overwhelm for participants and will allow plenty of time for people to talk and listen.


If I miss this Group will there be others?

Yes! Click on the download button to get further details of the Course and I’ll let you know when the next one will be starting. Also keep an eye on my FB page.


How much?

Participation in the Group will cost £375. Once the Group ends reduced cost individual Counselling sessions will be available for you if you wish.




I want you to feel confident about joining my Group, that it’ll be right for you.  Just enter your details above to get further details and I’ll be in touch with you personally after this. Be assured that your details won’t be added to any mailing list.


It’s new

Signs of Hope Bereavement Support Group is an exciting venture for me, extending my successful 1:1 Bereavement Counselling work, reaching out to lots more people who feel overwhelmed and hit hard by their grief. It’s reassuring and surprisingly comforting to meet other people who also struggle with their grief. Coming together brings us out of isolation. And although grief is unique to each of us, by coming together with others on the same journey we discover the areas where our experiences meet.  Why not give it a try?



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