Shamanic Healing : Unpeeling the layers of woundedness


In March this year, as lockdown set in, I was contacted by a woman who asked me for Shamanic Healing. Mandy, as I’ll call her, had found me online, in some desperation. She asked me to bring an end to her spiritual. emotional, and mental distress caused by a close member of her family (I’ll call him Jim) over a period of 30 years. Jim exerted malign influence and power over Mandy in many ways to the extent that she felt that her own identity was shut down. Mandy was very keen to work with me through Shamanic Healing, attracted to my practice as a Shamanic Healer and because I’m also an Anglican Priest. Mandy felt that my being a Priest would be important in the Shamanic Healing she sought through me. 



She’d spent lots of money over many years in seeking spiritual help from a variety of people, many of whom told her what she already knew: that Jim’s power over her was not of this world and was very strong, and, that in order to be free, the bonds would need to be severed. Mandy knew this: she hadn’t yet met someone who would bring this severance into being and set her free. 



Mandy’s situation was complex. Over many years she’d experienced psychic intrusions generated by Jim. These took the form of psychic appearances of him in her home to demean her and to emphasise the control he had over her. Throughout these long years Jim spread malicious rumours about Mandy throughout the neighbourhood accusing of her – among other things - of being a ‘loose woman’ and unfit to know, when, in fact, she never had a boyfriend. She’s remained single because of Jim’s power over her. Mandy spoke of how blocked she’d felt by Jim all her life and how her self-esteem and self-confidence have always been very low as a result.



When Mandy asked me for Shamanic Healing and began to share her complex and mysterious story with me, I wasn’t sure that I was the person for this particular job. I would need to work remotely with and for her. Although I’d undertaken some Shamanic Healing remotely, with some good outcomes, Mandy’s circumstances were particularly challenging. I wondered whether to suggest that Mandy approach another Shamanic Practitioner, but something checked me. 


My task was not to understand everything in fullest detail; my task was not to engage in Counselling with Mandy. My task was simply to put myself in the slipstream of Spirit and trust that I would be enabled and guided to release healing for her so that she could begin to thrive without being dogged by Jim’s malign energies and for her self-confidence and self-esteem to blossom. I agreed to undertake a Shamanic Healing for Mandy and we agreed a time for this to take place, when Mandy would be at home and able to focus her fullest attention on it. We agreed that I would call Mandy after the Healing, and that I would send her the Narrative of it for her own reflections.


Mandy’s healing journey with me lasted 7 months during which I’ve undertaken 7 Shamanic Healing Journeys for her. Each of these has been profoundly powerful, and utterly unique to Mandy and her circumstances. Some of this Shamanic Healing has focussed on Mandy alone, while on other occasions the Shamanic Healing has focussed on Jim. As you might guess, the severance of negative bonds has appeared in these Shamanic Healing Journeys, but there’s been a lot more besides this. Cats, flames, Eagles, Volcanoes and Doves have all appeared, along with Allies connected to me. At times this Shamanic healing work has felt extremely dark and full of threat, at others, full of light that illuminates every part of our being.


The last Shamanic Healing for Mandy took place recently and was the most powerful Shamanic Healing I’d undertaken for her. The Journey was dramatic and short. At the end I knew that the Shamanic Healing work for her was complete and, on this particular matter, nothing more needed to be done. The negative bonds and all other malign influences were well and truly severed, once and for all.


Many Shamans use story in their Shamanic Healing with their own people. Our stories are crucial to our healing: the old stories which, through healing, we can leave behind us, and the new stories which Shamanic Healing offers to us as building blocks for a new life. In and through story, our imaginations are kindled. We become confident to be artists of our own lives in tandem with Spirit. 

My experience of working with Mandy in depth over several months through Shamanic Healing endorses my understanding that Shamanic Healing isn’t a ‘quick fix’.  This healing work with Mandy was rooted within her complex stories which she shared so generously and trustingly with me.  Little by little the dense layers of her story, of her woundedness, were peeled away.  Little by little, through profound Shamanic Healing Journeys, Mandy’s sense of self, of her identity, and of her autonomy have been restored and strengthened.  


I’ve only ever heard Mandy’s voice, although, early on, she sent me a photograph of herself to help me make a strong connection with her for the healing. My complete attentiveness to her and to her story, and my provision of a secure framework for our work together have been highly important.


When Mandy first contacted me, she was frightened, subdued, captive to her fears and to the malign influence of Jim. Her voice, the words she used, and her emotional expression endorsed all this. After her fourth Shamanic Healing both us of knew that deep healing was taking place. Mandy’s voice gained strength, she spoke with greater confidence in herself, and for her future. She grew in her sense of self, of her autonomy and her identity, and that she is loved and loving.


The other day, a week after her final Shamanic Healing, Mandy told me that she knows in every way that the malign bonds which Jim threw around her many years ago are no more and that her life is fully her own. 



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I’ve taken a long time to arrive at this point. There have been many twists and turns along the track. Sometimes I’ve been in the desert, surviving on bread and raisins, drinking ice-clear water. At other times I’ve feasted and  been made plump with happiness.

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