The foundation of my approach lies in Psychodynamic Therapy

This type of Therapy enables you to work at depth with me, to uncover the unconscious, hidden feelings and thoughts which drive how we behave, and what we do or don’t say and do: to uncover the root causes of problems and distress.


People often talk about ‘stuff’ and ‘baggage’ getting in the way of their lives in lots of ways. Sometimes we have a lurking sense that we know what this ‘stuff’ and ‘baggage’ contains but we’re too busy, or perhaps too afraid, to find out what the ‘stuff’ is or what the ‘baggage’ contains. Sometimes we don’t know what this ‘stuff’ is…


Counselling provides a safe place where you can begin to empty out this baggage, to name and to understand the things that cause you distress, and to make good choices about your life and your future. We don’t have to carry our baggage around with us for ever and Counselling provides a way of helping people to let it go.


A lot of personal distress is experienced in relationships through the pain they cause us, and the pain we cause to others. Further distress comes when a relationship ends through death or in other ways.


People look for a Counsellor when the distress is more than they can continue to bear. Some people know why they seek out a Counsellor while others aren’t so sure but know that they need to talk to someone safely.


I specialise in helping people work through loss and grief, however this has come about. Dear to my heart is the support I'm able to provide parents whose Baby has died either during the pregnancy, or who is Stillborn, or who dies in the early months of  life. 


I’m also able to support you if you’re struggling with relationship difficulties, repeated negative behaviour patterns, addictions, and anxiety.​

I don’t set a timescale for this type of Therapy, as some clients need longer than others. Generally, I work with clients for at least 12 weeks, meeting once a week (or fortnightly if necessary). 

If you would like an initial conversation about Counselling, Life Coaching, Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval then please get in touch with me.

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My Qualifications include a first Degree in English Literature & Language; a Diploma in Theology; a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation, a Certificate in Life Coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and Certification as a Shamanic Practitioner.​

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Susan Hollins Counselling, Life Coaching, Shamanic Healing in Exeter, Devon​

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I’ve taken a long time to arrive at this point. There have many twists and turns along the track. Sometimes I’ve been in the desert, surviving on bread and raisins, drinking ice-clear water. At other times I’ve feasted and made plump with happiness.

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