I can help you find a way through your grief ​

Bereavement  Counselling


I specialise in Bereavement Counselling. I can help anyone who's experienced any type of loss. Here are some examples of a major loss I can help you with:

Your emerging wellbeing is the time-keeper for how often we'll meet​

If you would like a free 30 minute phone call about Bereavement Counselling and/or Shamanic Healing then do get in touch

Talking... listening...

My Qualifications include a first Degree in English Literature & Language; a Diploma in Theology; a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation, a Certificate in Life Coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and Certification as a Shamanic Healer.​ 


A Registered Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists, I'm also Certified to provide Online and Telephone Counselling.

What Next?

My Qualifications


Sudden death

Pet loss

Loss of your home

Loss of your job

Death of a partner

Death of a parent

Death of a sibling

Death of a baby

Loss of a relationship



Grief is messy, gutty, overwhelming, frightening. Sometimes it feels like we're going mad. Sometimes it feels like it'll never end.


Bereavement Counselling with me gives you a safe space in which to reflect and to allow your feelings and thoughts to surface. Since there are no straight tracks through grief, and we can't hurry the pace, I can help you to explore 'the roads less travelled' in the relationship you've lost and to reach a point of resolution, of healing.


Bereavement Counselling with me will also resource you emotionally for riding life's stormy seas in the future when other losses may occur.



"Your body is away from me

but there is a window open

from my heart to yours.


From this window, like the moon

I keep sending news secretly"


'The Window', Rumi

Susan Hollins Counselling, Life Coaching, Shamanic Healing in Exeter, Devon​

I’ve taken a long time to arrive at this point. There have been many twists and turns along the track. Sometimes I’ve been in the desert, surviving on bread and raisins, drinking ice-clear water. At other times I’ve feasted and  been made plump with happiness.


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Susan Hollins
Susan Hollins

Tel: 07375 925296 Email: susan@susanhollinscounselling.co.uk​