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  Grief can be devastating. It can leave you feeling raw. It can feel like you're riding an emotional roller coaster: where one moment you feel alright the next you're completely paralysed by the intensity of your emotions.        

Grief Counselling is my passion and commitment.

After any loss. I can help and support you to engage with your loss and grief and to create renewed purpose and hope for your life.

Grief exhausts us; it turns our lives upside down and inside out.
  Grief can make us feel that we're going mad, out of our minds. Grief isn't a mental illness. It's a normal, natural and utterly consuming response to loss. Grief takes its own time and we can't hurry it.
Grief Counselling    Shamanic Healing 
Through grief counselling we can begin to understand grief's unique impact upon us in every way. We can learn how to lean into it, getting to know its shape, feel, nuances.

We can learn how to live with it, accommodate it.

We can understand more about how it makes us feel physically, emotionally, and what it does to our brain.

I can help you do this.
  Shamanic healing is increasingly used as an energy healing to restore our balance of mind, body and spirit following wounding life events which may have burdened us for years.

While I offer Shamanic Healing as a separate resource to grief therapy it can also be a very appropriate addition to it.

Please note, Shamanic healing may be included in grief therapy only after full discussion. It isn’t included in grief therapy by default. 
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  I offer Bereavement Group Support for up to 10 people - click Here for more.        
Living in Edinburgh, I work with clients in person (Covid regulations permitting), by video call or phone
Why not try a free taster session? Call/message me on 07375 925296 or drop me a line: susan@susanhollinscounselling.co.uk