Where am I? I’ve not felt right since…

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval can be a powerful healing experience, restoring a sense of self, purpose and belonging to you.

Shamanic Healing 

Shamanism is an ancient way of life finding new expressions today.


Shamanism is about balance and relatedness between and within all who inhabit this Planet, enabling us to live harmoniously, healthily.


Shamanic Healing restores our physical and inner balance: our health of body, mind, spirit.


At times of distress, or trauma, elements of our self may go into hiding, for safety.  

While our distress may lessen, these parts of our self may not return automatically. This loss of self (‘Soul loss') can contribute to us feeling lost, depressed, without purpose and belonging: out of balance. It can contribute both to long-term physical and mental illness.


 Shamanic Healing, for Soul Retrieval, or other needs, may take several forms in order to restore health to body, mind, spirit. The landscape of your story is important in providing me with clues to the track I'll take for your Shamanic Healing.


Many people experience their Shamanic Healing as deeply empowering, 

restoring their sense of self, purpose and belonging.


Before any Shamanic Healing we’ll have a good chat about your needs and what you’re looking for, to make sure that this healing resource will be appropriate for you.​

If you would like a free 30 minute phone call about Bereavement Counselling and / or Shamanic Healing then please get in touch with me.

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My Qualifications include a first Degree in English Literature & Language; a Diploma in Theology; a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation, a Certificate in Life Coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and Certification as a Shamanic Healer. My thanks go to Suzi Crockford, who was my Teacher on the Shamanic path, and who's now a friend and colleague. www.suzicrockford.com


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My Qualifications

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval

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Susan Hollins Counselling, Life Coaching, Shamanic Healing in Exeter, Devon​

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I’ve taken a long time to arrive at this point. There have many twists and turns along the track. Sometimes I’ve been in the desert, surviving on bread and raisins, drinking ice-clear water. At other times I’ve feasted and made plump with happiness.


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Susan Hollins

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